We have looked ever so carefully and invested strategically at NuStreams Conference & Culture Centre very strong health and safety policy to keep our facility clean and disinfected as wells as introduced new sinks and hand dryers as well as hand sanitizers since the outbreak of the Coronavirus


The spread of the virus in countries better prepared and equipped than us as well as the inconsistency of cases reported in Ibadan without any clear references to the NCDC. It’s become imperative that we are more proactive and aggressive in this virus war and it’s subsequent possible outcomes especially for us here in Nigeria and Ibadan


I cannot in good conscience put together a program that may ultimately put lives in danger not continue to have services that would put our kids and families at risk.


We have decided to postpone the upcoming 2020 South West Regionl E-Commerce Summit & Expo themed Innovation Kitchen scheduled for Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th March 2020


We consider 3 days of over 800 people in close proximity and using air conditioning we consider to be too high a risk for the health and safety of our people and our staff.


We would announce new dates as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this causes. A lot of funds have been expended to get here including radio adverts & billboards as well updated facilities to make this a unique outing.


The value however compare to human lives is nothing and while we understand the impact particularly on this investment by us and our partners we see this as responsible action that needs to be done to save lives


We would be in touch with you individually as regards any way we can help and would facilitate online presentations while we wait for this scourge to pass and we believe it will.


Thank you for your understanding, please don’t hesitate to ask or call us for any information as regards the Summit & Expo


God bless


Francis E Madojemu

Founder and CEO

NuStreams Concepts, IBridge Hub, Summit & Expo & Innovation Kitchen NG




  • e-Business Networking

    Design a consistent, coordinated customer experience across all sales channels

  • Learn Business Model

    Learn to conduct business activities electronically with tools - Website, CRM, ERP, etc.

  • South WestRegional Summit

    The best technology conference in southwest Nigeria Emerging Technology channels

  • e-Commerce Networking

    Understand the profound impact of Data Analytics in addressing IoT, visualization.

  • Partners and Exhibitors

    Open exhibition for visitors and delegates 75+ Exhibitors, 3000+ visitors,

e-Commerce Summit and Expo 2020

In 2018, hundreds of the regions smartest entrepreneurs descend on Ibadan, Oyo State, NIGERIA to learn what's new, what's hot, and what's actually working RIGHT NOW in E-Commerce and WHY we must continue embrace this shift in our region.

 In 2019 we had a 3 prong approach with Solutions for e-business, e-commerce and hybrid retail incorporating e-commerce & physical. This new strategic framework puts the emphasis on creating value and innovating on the bridges between online & offline, giving traditional retail a new competitive advantage against the Amazons of this world. While E-business Solutions focused on the opportunities that IT can provide when individuals, private and public organisations interact with their customers, clients or stakeholders.

In 2020, we are kick-starting an Innovation Ecosystem using creativity to solve challenging problems. Creating new markets, products and services. It’s focus is to bring an awareness of the impact of innovation on a nation and democratize access to innovation knowledge, skills & training!

The Word on the street
South West Regional E-Commerce Summit & Expo 2020


“May this summit make a remarkable, indelible mark that will revolutionize our country and the world with the information we received.”


“Thanks to the initiative for a training like this. Bringing great men from all walks of life.”


“Thanks to the initiative and all the Facilitators who have impacted knowledge to me and everyone else in the cause of this summit..."


“ WOW, WOW WOW.......A big thank you to the organizers & team players of this vanguard & epochal event. It's an answer to my prayer.”

What to Expect
South West Regional E-Commerce Summit & Expo 2020

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